Well Drilling

triconeDrilling of a new water well is important and should be conducted  by a reputable, qualified company. The cost to drill a new well can be daunting, therefore ensuring that you get good water and a well that will last for years to come are top concerns. Advanced Water & Solar has invested in the right equipment for the job and a knowledgeable workforce to complete your water well structure. We can handle mud rotary drilling for unconsolidated overburden, necessary for proper hole viability and installation of conductor casing. We also have the necessary equipment for air rotary drilling in hard rock formations with fast production. Our TH-60 drill rig is equipped with mud pumps, grout pumps, and a very large compressor to handle all your domestic and commercial water well needs. From locating the future site of a water well to drilling the hole and setting the well pump, conventional A.C. power or solar, Advanced Water & Solar is proud to be a single source contractor. We also cover water treatment, installation of water and electrical lines, and water storage tanks. You can have comfort in knowing that you’re not dealing with multiple companies to get the entire project completed; Advanced is your company from start to finish.

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